Get to know about Data token ICO and more

Data ICO is a decentralized platform which supports Artificial intelligence. It makes use of Blockchain for advertising protocols. It also uses technology stack in order to resolve various kinds of data fraud. Its main aim is to combat the many challenges within the advertising economy. It uses its own tokens for sale.

Get to know about the Kick ICO review.

It is based on blockchain and uses a crowdfunding platform. It’s easier for both the founders and investors.

It utilizes Ethereum’s smart contracts and that helped the platform in lowering the costs of crowdfunding. This also helped in protecting the investors in case of project failure.

The platform also created an ecosystem which develops a transparent relation between everyone involved in the project. The platform is focused on the development of services, games, and other businesses.

Midas or MAS ICO deals with the many issues of cryptocurrency in the community. It stands to offer complete solutions to the same. The platform enables investors to buy, sell, or even exchange the assets at one place. It is functional for people without any technical knowledge as well.

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