ICO Investment

Understanding what blockchain ICO is and how it can help the blockchain apps and token holders like yourselves are important before investing on an ICO. ICOs are Initial Coin Offerings which helps companies that create cryptocurrencies or Decentralized Applications to gain more investors by offering their currency or tokens/coins from their app in exchange for already established currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Things to consider before investing in ICOs:

Make sure the company and their product is genuine

Make sure there is a high return on investment

Make sure you have tokens on wallets to invest on ICOs

Make sure you used trusted listings of ICOs to get your information

Find a good list of popular ICOs is also important before investing and so I recommend Topico and their list of ICOs to invest. Topico has a list of popular and rising ICOs with detailed information about their progress, their purpose and even reviews from other investors and people. Topico provides their own analysis and review and a final rating too. If you wish to find out which ICO is worth investing in and to keep note of the growth and fall of each ICO then Topico’s list is just for you.

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