Find the best ICO Pre-Sale list

The pre ico token sale is a concept that allows investors to buy tokens way before the official crowdsale. The pre-ico list 2018 consists of the ICOs which utilize separate smart contracts that is different than the main event. This helps in eliminating any cases of mix-ups during account overview and audits. The ICO company list involved in the pre ico aim for sales lower than the main ICO.

Go through some of the pre-ico platforms for token sale. Here, we list some of the trending ICOs.

Zwoop ICO: is a platform which stands as a revolutionary find engine. It supports Blockchain and is an improvement on the drawbacks of e-commerce.

Cindx ICO: an investment-based platform. It supports Blockchain.

Bitdepositary: a platform based on Q-Ratio market for the funding of ICO. It comes packed with integrated solutions for payment.

The goal of the pre ico is to collect funds. This will be useful in the expenses for the launch of the main ICO. It includes promo ads along with the costs for meet-ups, and strategic recruitment. This gathers the attention of potential investors for the platform. One of the important aspects to note during the pre-ico token sale is the fund transparency.

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