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In an ICO, there might be a specific goal for the funds to be raised. This could be used as a specific goal or even to limit the overall project funding. So, the tokens have a pre-decided price which does not change in the starting phase. Successful ICOs make sure that the fund requirements are fulfilled to go ahead. This will be essential in the post-ICO evaluation.

There are many sites which provide proper analysis and reviews based on the coins. The ICO list coin provides a comparative and comprehensive list of the ICOs.

Some of the Ethereum based ICOs are listed below:

Invest Platform: is a platform which deals with traders, be it experienced or amateurs. It enables any user to get into the sphere of cryptocurrency exchange. It is a social system which enables users to follow other experienced investors.

Ankr Network: a platform which is based on Blockchain. It deals with the business realm for efficient mining scheme. It makes changes to adapt scalable frameworks which could be beneficial in the long run.

OneLedger: a platform which deals with business applications. It includes modularization tools which have an API gateway.

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