Factors that Influence Altcoin Price

Cryptocurrency is much like money except for the fact the cryptocurrency is decentralized. Every company that deals in cryptocurrency have their own token or digital currency. Tokens that are not Bitcoin or Ethereum are called alternative currencies or specifically ‘altcoins’. These tokens can be used for online transactions depending on acceptability. However, the biggest use for altcoins is to be exchanged in return for Bitcoin for Ethereum. This is crucial because it indicates the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the crypto-market.

For every token that acts as a medium of exchange, there exist certain factors that change its value and market price. Every cryptocurrency is subject to the influence of these factors.

Supply and Demand

Government regulations

Altcoin news and media coverage

Opinions on Bitcoin and other currencies


Although cryptocurrencies are affected by minor technicalities and changes in the mindset of the buyer, some are extremely trustworthy. The ones that end up being successful are the ones that always find a way to stabilize after a big hit. Altcoins like Litecoin, Verge, Ripple, NEM, etc. have been named the best cryptocurrency to invest ingiven their consistent performance and loss-recovery mechanisms.

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