How to Launch ICO

Have an idea for an amazing blockchain technology that utilizes decentralization to improve the lives of your users? Are you having a tough time with the funding and you need some investments to help with your project? Launching an ico can help you get more funding and will be a great assistance to your project.

Before launching an ico, you must make sure if your business can integrate tokens into it and whether it will work with the standards, procedures, and regulations of the country you’re in or the crypto you will be exchanging.

The process of launching a crypto ico

Create a token

Get legal supervision

Write a whitepaper

Ico registration

Spread the name

Get your token exchanged for cryptos

Ico registration is a part of the step that you will have to focus on. There are many websites to register your ico but the ones you do will have to be useful in improving your visibility and reach. NEO, TenX, and Aragon are all good options with their own baggage of issues to consider. Read up on the website, their policies, their country of origin etc and register accordingly.

The success of your ico is dependent on how much effort you are willing to put in making sure it works, it helps, it is seen and it grows. By working on all of this rigorously, you can see growth on your platform with more dedicated users and larger online support.

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