ICO Overview

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is where companies that use blockchain technology and tokens organize a crowdfunding where the company tries to raise their Ethereum or Bitcoin amount. They do so by getting the people to do it in exchange for their own crypto or token.

With the help of scanner for so, you can track in life the different ico that are upcoming, their price, how much they have raised and how many investors they’ve got. The information you get from such scanning websites can help you decide if an ico is worth buying or not.

Such research is necessary because of the high number of scams going on in the name of crypto and ico. These scams have brought more regulations like the ERC20 from Ethereum and new practices like White Paper which is a document that details exactly the function and purpose of the ico, their achievements, applications etc.

One of the icos that reached a huge successful status is the icoEthereum and now Ethereum is the main mode of payment for most other icos on the market. This growth is the proof that icos have great potential for success and this potential is exactly what draws in all the scammers trying to exploit the ignorant ones blindly trying to invest with the hopes of success.

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