Pre-Initial Coin Offering

Pre-Initial Coin Offering is where companies hold a sale for their token for a much smaller, selective crowd before opening to a larger crowdfunding (ico). The initial coin offering tokens are sold at a cheaper price than during the ico. This is so that the company gets quite a number of early investors and raise enough money for the maintenance of the ico, marketing, and all the other extra expenditures. The Pre ICO-much like the ICO itself has a target that it tries to achieve and the pre ico’s success also in a way marks the potential success for the ico.

A lot of information on upcoming pre icos and past pre icos can be obtained from websites like Coindeskico tracker and ico alert. Pre icos is a great way for an investor to get a cheaper deal for an ico that was heavily talked about or as a way to understand how the ico fares in the eyes of other, more experienced investors.

Some of the Pre Icos that happened recently





Argyle Coin





Keep updated on upcoming Pre icos for cheaper and more potential icos to come within your grasps. Don’t be too tempted by the cheap payment as research and understanding of the ico is important before making any transactions.

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